When I got the “Dust Storm” warning on my phone I thought it was a joke. A dust storm in March? No way! Then text started coming in from my friends around the Valley. It was real and it was big. I usually have a dust storm pack ready for situations like this so I can just  grab and go. But this one is out of season, way out of season. Arizona does not usually see these type of storms until late June at the earliest. I hopped in my truck with all my gear and raced up to a location in time to take a few images of the massive dust storm coming from the South. Stretching across for miles and miles, this dust storm was one of the longest Ive seen in the past few years. These major dust storms wreak havoc on the entire Phoenix valley, causing cars to pull over on the highway and coating the Valley in a thick layer of dust. New reports are also coming out about the correlation between Valley Fever, a fungal infection of the lungs stirred up by these massive dust storms. I’m not sure what this early dust storm mean for the rest of the season but I’ll have my dust storm pack ready for the next one for sure.

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