My first Phoenix New Times front cover. Yahoooo. I’m so excited. Check it out. But first, a huuuge thank you to the rest of the team.

Model: Kelli Apgar is such an cheerful, beautiful and hard working model. Thank you for sharing the vision we had and turning into an awesome front cover. You nailed it.
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Dania Blanco of Cosmiix Artistry Thank you sooooo much for putting your creative touch into the style and your continual attention to makeup and hair throughout the shoot.. I love the hint of rosy cheeks you did 
Thank you Amy Silverman and Peter M Storch over at Phoenix New Times for all your support. You do such and amazing job of there. I never knew all the hard work it takes to get just one issue out and you two do it flawlessly and with a smile every time. 

I had so much fun not only photographing this in the Drive-Thru Studio but also seeing the entire process from sketches to layout. If you can’t get a copy you can see it online here:

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