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Category Archives: Favorite Photographs

Rare Disease. Phoenix New Times.

Written on December 28, 2015 at 2:51 pm, by

“Simon is 14 years old. His head is small for his age — the result of brain damage sustained from frequent violent seizures. With a cognitive capacity roughly equivalent to a toddler’s, Simon displays symptoms of a number of fairly common ailments, including cerebral palsy and autism. After more than a decade of tests, however,  Continue Reading »

Fairy Falls. Yellowstone National Park

Written on September 23, 2015 at 2:31 pm, by

  Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like. -David Alan Harvey Fairy Falls, Yellowstone National Park

Bison bigger then BMW. Yellowstone National Park

Written on May 15, 2015 at 3:25 pm, by

That one time when a bison bigger then a BMW walked across the road in Yellowstone National Park. I have had a few “magical” moments in National Parks but this one beats them all. To be the “outsider” on his land is what National Parks are all about. Yellowstone captivated me and I can’t wait  Continue Reading »

Featured Photo. Apple’s #ShotoniPhone6 campaign and World Gallery.

Written on March 28, 2015 at 9:53 am, by

SUPER EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! One of my images was selected to be part of Apple’s new iPhone 6 World Gallery campaign that official launched today. As of now my image will be up on and billboards in six cities around the world including New York City (outside the Lincoln Tunnel), Sydney, Seoul, Dubai (Terminal 3),  Continue Reading »

Westward Ho Print. Headed Out.

Written on March 28, 2015 at 9:09 am, by

Yahoo. 48×34 Westward Ho print headed out to a client! Beautiful printing and mounting by Image Craft, LLC.