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Sandra Day O’Connor Photo-blogged

PHX New TImes is doing a series called Imagine PHX asking artist to submit a piece of work that represents PHX and their thoughts about it. I chose this one cause I just moved downtown a few months ago and am trying to document some of the “cooler” things down here. The SDO courthouse is a really cool building in more ways then one. Take a read:

p.s. Claire Lawton over at phxnewtimes is cool.

Craving (and venting)

I┬áhave been so busy working on the business side of APizm I have not had a whole lot of time to actually get behind the viewfinder and snap some shots. Don’t get me wrong building APizm is and will continue to be a wonderful and creative experience choosing themes for my invites and thank you cards etc. BUT their is just something about not only the photo itself but the whole creative process from idea to shutter that I am craving. I have a few ideas brewing and need to make the time to work them out in my head and camera before I go crazy. Camera therapy time is much needed!

venting complete.