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Published. Dorado Magazine.

Dorado Magazine

Super cool to have been published along side the great Pedro Guerrero. His images are a constant inspiration and when I do my homework for upcoming FLLW projects, I search his images first. He was crazy good! Thanks Dorado Magazine! (my image is far right)

Horseshoe Bend. Arizona

Horseshoe Bend. Arizohna

A snowy sunrise at Horseshoe Bend near Page, Arizona. HSB is part of Glen Canyon on the Colorado River, it’s an example of a formation called an “entrenched meander”. Image was taken with the Canon 17mm Tilt/Shift with a full shift left and right of center to achieve the full panoramic.

Jacobs House I. Frank Lloyd Wright.

Jacobs House Frank Lloyd Wirght

The L shape of Frank Lloyd Wrights Usonian home, Jacobs House I.

Rare Disease. Phoenix New Times.

LOW_Andrew Pielage-1-5

“Simon is 14 years old. His head is small for his age — the result of brain damage sustained from frequent violent seizures. With a cognitive capacity roughly equivalent to a toddler’s, Simon displays symptoms of a number of fairly common ailments, including cerebral palsy and autism. After more than a decade of tests, however, his doctors have concluded that his condition appears to be something new — something that hasn’t yet been recorded anywhere else in the world.”
I was recently asked by Phoenix New Times to photograph three children in Arizona that have very rare neurological diseases and a phenomenal doctor from Tgen who is treating them. It was an assignment I was super excited about but really had no idea what to expect. What hit my heart the most was not only the kids resilience to the disease but the resilience of the families to the process. With constant insurance challenges and very little (if any) information and answers on proper treatment, it’s a daily struggle to just raise the children “normally” We all struggle and show our resilience at times in our lives but to have to do that every single minute of every single day is incredible. Their relentless resilience to the unknown was truly inspiring.
The story was wonderfully written by Elizabeth Stuart. Check it out on the Phoenix New Times newsstand now or HERE

Le Carrousel. Paris, France

Le Carrousel

Instead of running around to every corner of France, I decided to slow down and spend most of our time in Paris walking around like the locals. Once you take your eyes of the BIG stuff in Paris you find its small parts just as beautiful! I had one night to photograph the Tour Eiffel but ended up focusing on “Le Carrousel” instead. Remember…it’s always the little things…