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Day 1. Fallingwater Artist in Residence

AiR 1

Day 1. Super excited to get started on my Artist in Residence at Fallingwater. The first 24 hours have been such a wonderful experience.
The staff here are incredible and well…it’s Fallingwater! I don’t have my head wrapped around it yet but this is a special place. It’s really amazing to be part of their residence program and get an all access pass to explore the grounds and my creativity here!
Today I got up early to scout the light and was blessed with an amazing sunrise. The sky was blue and the light was beautiful. It’s a great start. Thanks Mother Nature. I appreciate it. Headed back to scout sunset soon. Fallingwater


Published. Luxury Pools Magazine

Unique Landscapes

Great spread in this month’s Luxury Pools magazine with selected photography work I’ve shot for Unique Landscapes by Griffin, Inc. I’ve been photographing with Unique for 3 years now and am continually “Wowed” with every new project I see from them!

Photography Workshop. Taliesin. August 13-14


Office_Andrew Pielage-1

Come join me at Taliesin, August 13-14 for my photography workshop. Learn the fundamentals of photography as we explore a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece.

Sign up here:

Comment or message me with questions. See you soon!

Frank Lloyd Wright Grave Site. Wisconsin

Frank Lloyd Wright Gravesite


Frank Lloyd Wright Gravesite

Photography Workshop. Taliesin

Frank Lloyd Wright Taliesin


Save the Date:

I am really excited to announce that I will be teaching an Introduction to Photography Workshop at Taliesin, August 13-14. It will cover the big three, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO aaaaand more. I teach the same course at Taliesin West but this will be the first time I will be teaching out of Taliesin. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the sign-up link once it goes live (hopefully this week)

Oh and I just booked a cheap flight to O’Hare from Phoenix ($200) =)