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Unity Temple and Wright Light

Unity Temple

More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building. – Frank Lloyd Wright

I am really excited to have found this quote yesterday…Soon after photographing Taliesin West for the first time in 2010, I decided that I would not bring in artificial lighting to photograph any Frank Lloyd Wright interior spaces. Wright designs are always so integrated into catching, trapping and releasing natural light that I thought I would only be cheating Wrights true ideas if I introduced light, in any form, into his space. The light play at Unity Temple only lasted a few minutes, I was scrambling to get into position.

Published. Taliesin West. AAA World

Twest AAA mag

Cool to have one of my Taliesin West images included in a story about Mr. Wright in the Winter edition of AAA Magazine.


Published. Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly

Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly

Its awesome to have contributed a photo essay of the Wisconsin Heritage Trail in the Fall issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly.


Day 8. Fallingwater Artist in Residence


Day 8. Artist in Residence.

What a perfect way to end my first week at Fallingwater. HUGE thanks to Mother Nature for this one. I was kinda bummed because there is snow in the forecast in two days but so happy I was given this today. This will forever be my Zen moment :)

I have too much in my head right now to give my “Final Thoughts” on my experience…gonna need a few days on that :)


Day 7. Fallingwater Artist in Residence


Day 7. Artist in Residence.

Great time inside Fallingwater today. No tours on Wednesdays so besides a few maintenance guys I had the whole place to myself for a few hours. Such a peaceful feeling and with the constant sound of Bear Run everywhere in the house it was hard not to just sit back and soak it all in for a few hours. Buuuut I had “work” to do, I wanted to photograph a little more inside as today is the last full day of the Artist in Residence until June. It’s my new happy place!