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Published. Taliesin West. AAA World

Twest AAA mag

Cool to have one of my Taliesin West images included in a story about Mr. Wright in the Winter edition of AAA Magazine.


Published. Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly

Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly

Its awesome to have contributed a photo essay of the Wisconsin Heritage Trail in the Fall issue of the Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly.


Day 8. Fallingwater Artist in Residence


Day 8. Artist in Residence.

What a perfect way to end my first week at Fallingwater. HUGE thanks to Mother Nature for this one. I was kinda bummed because there is snow in the forecast in two days but so happy I was given this today. This will forever be my Zen moment :)

I have too much in my head right now to give my “Final Thoughts” on my experience…gonna need a few days on that :)


Day 7. Fallingwater Artist in Residence


Day 7. Artist in Residence.

Great time inside Fallingwater today. No tours on Wednesdays so besides a few maintenance guys I had the whole place to myself for a few hours. Such a peaceful feeling and with the constant sound of Bear Run everywhere in the house it was hard not to just sit back and soak it all in for a few hours. Buuuut I had “work” to do, I wanted to photograph a little more inside as today is the last full day of the Artist in Residence until June. It’s my new happy place!


Day 6. Fallingwater Artist in Residence


Day 6. Artist in Residence. The Shape Shifter.

One of the very first things I noticed walking down in the early morning to see Fallingwater for the first time was its low profile. Kind of like Taliesin West in the desert. Typical Wright I guess, but for some reason I didn’t think it would be like that. A few minutes later I moved down to the “scenic lookout” and it was now completely different. The central core shot up like a tower. It looked really tall and thin. My third stop that morning is pictured here. Yet another shape (it looks massive). Now granted different POVs will give it some change but the difference is pretty dramatic in my opinion. Did anyone else notice this on there visit? #500fllwproject