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Bison bigger then BMW. Yellowstone National Park

BisonL_Andrew Pielage

That one time when a bison bigger then a BMW walked across the road in Yellowstone National Park. I have had a few “magical” moments in National Parks but this one beats them all. To be the “outsider” on his land is what National Parks are all about. Yellowstone captivated me and I can’t wait to go back.
Lori (Neuro) and I decide to go for a local vacation (U.S.) this summer. 8 National Parks in 21 days. Still a few months away and and as you can tell, I’m already super excited. ‪#‎azillionphotos‬

Good Samaritan Hospital. Phoenix, Arizona. ‪

Good Sam

925 East McDowell Road. Good Samaritan Hospital. Phoenix, Arizona. ‪#‎phoenix‬ ‪#‎architecture‬

Phoenix Financial Center (north side).

PHXFinancialCenter2L_Andrew Pielage

3443 North Central Avenue. Phoenix Financial Center (north side)
In the first phase of development, the Tower was built to ten stories in 1964. The second phase of the project completed the remaining stories of the tower around 1972. You can see where the beams are not all connected ten stories up. ‪#‎architecture‬ ‪#‎midtownphx‬ ‪#‎phoenix‬

Phoenix Financial Center. aka the punch card.


3433 North Central Avenue. Phoenix Financial Center. aka “the punchcard”

Someone said it looked more like falling stars then a punchcard, I like stars much better.

Arizona Press Club Award. Statewide Illustration, Photo based.

Billy's Bud

Phoenix New Times shoots are fun mostly because the creativity direction/story I need to tell are usually outside the mainstream box. I get to step out of my stricter architectural and race photography zone and try new ideas and looks. There is always a level of experimenting going on. This image was shot in Hayes smoke shop under fluorescent light, I brought light but thought the harshness might give Hayes and the smoke a bit of sinister to it. You can see the original image and story here.

Arizona Press Club Award. Statewide illustration, photo-based

Second Place
Phoenix New Times: “Billy’s Bud”
Photographer: Andrew Pielage
Art Director: Peter M. Storch

“Once you read the headline and story and get what this story is
about, you can appreciate the illustration. It looks like a villain in
a sci-fi movie, but it’s right on point to the story of Billy Hayes.
The background color and haunting lighting only serve to bring
out the tone.”