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Commissioned Work. Pasha Rafat

Pasha Rafat


Some recent commissioned work for international artist Pasha Rafat. “Untitled” is a beautiful 15 mm, 120 x 120 x 4 in. Argon / Mercury gas tubing and steel framing piece purchased by the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown San Diego.

Bald Eagle. Yellowstone National Park

Bald Eagle


This was my third trip to Yellowstone National Park and my first good sighting of a bald eagle in the park. He was perched high on his throne surveying his next meal below in the ‪Yellowstone‬ River in ‪‎Hayden Valley‬, it was about to start raining. At first sight we were above him and I knew the better shot would be eye level. Half watching us and hunting, we climbed down through some trees onto a high bank just above the river to get the better vantage point. We waited 45 minutes as his head swiveled what seemed 360 degrees watching for anything that moved below. With the rain coming down now and no meal in sight, he spread his wings and quietly soared out of sight. It was one of the most incredible animal sightings have ever had. Definitely Top 3. So much grace, beauty and fearlessness in his flight. Its an experience I will never forget.

Kalita Humphreys Theater. Frank Lloyd Wright

Kalita Theatre

The Kalita Humphreys Theater is a historic theater in Dallas, Texas. It is one of only three surviving theaters by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and one of the last completed buildings he designed. It was the official home of the Dallas Theater Center from 1959 to 2009.
The Dallas Theater Center committee approached Frank Lloyd Wright to design a theater. Wright, busy at the time with other projects, suggested that if the committee could use a plan already in his files he would agree to the project. The original design had been created for a West Coast theater in 1915 and later adapted for Hartford, Connecticut. Neither of these theaters were built for various reasons and the design was adapted for Dallas. Construction began in 1955 and was completed four years later and nine months after Wright’s death at a cost of over $1,000,000.

Summer. Cedar Breaks National Monument

CedarBreaks NM


Is it too early to reminisce about the summer? Cedar Breaks National Monument.






PBS Image Feature. Pedro Guerrero

frank lloyd wright


I’ve had a few PG moments during my time photographing Taliesin, and when I say “PG moments” I mean “Pedro Guerrero moments”. I have a deep respect for not only his Frank Lloyd Wright photography but also his eagerness at 22 years old to step out of his comfort zone and go for photography full time.
The first image I saw of Frank Lloyd Wright was taken right here in this studio, standing at his desk in front of a huge model of the San Francisco Call building. I found out later it was taken by Pedro. It’s really a big honor (and responsibility) to be here photographing the same spaces that Pedro and many other photography legends have. I still can’t believe it!

What a cool honor to be featured on the PBS American Masters homepage for the Pedro Guerrero documentary coming out soon. Check it out!