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Paradise Found. Grand Canyon National Park

Clear Creek

This is what paradise looks like after two loong days of backpacking in the Grand Canyon. Clear Creek below Zoroaster Temple. Grand Canyon National Park ‪#‎grandcanyon‬





Published. Back Cover. Lonely Planet Traveler.


Super stoked to get this in the mail today! It’s been awesome meeting and chatting with the other photographers in the Apple ‪#‎shotoniphone6‬ campaign. BiiiiiiiiiG thanks to Jen of My Life’s a Trip (she has the B&W elephant image in the campaign) for picking this up in London for me! Photographers are really cool people!

Featured Photo. Apple’s #ShotoniPhone6 campaign and World Gallery.



One of my images was selected to be part of Apple’s new iPhone 6 World Gallery campaign that official launched today.
As of now my image will be up on and billboards in six cities around the world including New York City (outside the Lincoln Tunnel), Sydney, Seoul, Dubai (Terminal 3), Delhi and Montreal (Atwater Station). I will be flying out to see a few billboards but If you know anyone in these areas and they are willing to take a quick photo of the billboard that would be awesome.

You can see all the images here.

Here is some info on the campaign. The iPhone 6 World Gallery involves 57 photographers, 70 cities and 24 countries. Apple will be featuring my photo taken with an iPhone 6 in print media, transit posters and billboards across the world. This initiative’s geographical scale makes it the largest mobile photography gallery ever assembled. ‪#‎shotoniphone‬

Interview on Fox10 news

Great write up by

Here are a few billboards and publications around the world. (images are from many different people/friends in each location)

Apple NYC_Andrew Pielage1

New York City. Lincoln Tunnel

Oxford Circus London

Oxford Circus Station, London

Yokohama, Japan

Yokohama Station, Japan


Chinese National Geography Magazine. Back Cover

Atwater Station, Montreal

Atwater Station, Montreal, Canada


Tokyo, Japan

Gare Du Nord, Paris, France

Gare Du Nord, Paris, France


London, England

NYC.Time Square Station

New York City, Time Square Station.

Lonely Planet Mag

Lonely Planet Magazine, April 2015. Back Cover

Dhoby Gaut Mrt Station Singapore

Dhoby Gaut Mrt Station, Singapore

Oakland, California

Oakland BART Station, California


Sydney, Australia

Manchester, England

Manchester, England

St Lazare Station, Paris, France

Lazare Station, Paris, France

Grand Canyon Adventure. Clear Creek Trail.

SF Peaks

Snow covered San Francisco Peaks. A buddy and I are headed down South Kaibab tomorrow for six days of Grand Canyon bliss. #clearcreekorbust


Just got back from a killer five day backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon. Down the South Kaibab, 18 miles out and back to Clear Creek then back out the Bright Angel. I have a bunch of images to share from the trip but wanted to start off with one of my favorites. It’s taken from the Clear Creek trail looking back down at the Colorado River, the Black Bridge build in 1928, connecting the South Kaibab trail to Phantom Ranch and alittle farther down is the Silver Bridge build in the 1960s which connects the Bright Angel trail to Phantom Ranch. I’m stoked to check the Clear Creek trail off my list. That trail was one of the hardest and most beautiful trails I’ve ever hiked in the Canyon.

GC  Mules

My first Grand Canyon National Park experience at age 12 was on a mule named Miss Piggy. As you can tell, many years and many sore muscles later I am still returning to that big hole in the ground. We passed this group on the South Kaibab trail about half way down. I really wanted to hop on one but I guess the National Park Service doesn’t allow tandem mule rides

GC Mules

The Grand Canyon mules carry more than tourists though. They also carry all of the supplies needed to keep Phantom Ranch, at the bottom of the canyon, a working guest resort. From food into the canyon to trash out of the canyon, Phantom Ranch relies heavily on the daily efforts of the mule wranglers and the mules to keep the ranch in working order. Ever had one of those famous beers down at Phantom? You can thank these guys for that. We ran into this mule train as they were entering Phantom Ranch on our way out. These guys were all business.


Here is the bottom section of the South Kaibab trail in the Grand Canyon we had come down only a few hours earlier. It’s shot from across the Colorado River high above on the Clear Creek trail. I had never seen a shot from this vantage point before and we were lucky to catch it at sunset. This shot still makes my muscle hurt just looking at it!

GC Detour

The last thing you wanna see when you get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon! I cried and laughed at the same time!

GC WIldflowers

The wildflowers of the Grand Canyon.

clear creek

I am trying to hike all the established trails in Grand Canyon National Park and this most recent trip was to conquer the Clear Creek Trail. To give you some reference, that big crack in the upper middle of the image running horizontally is the Colorado River. The crack running vertically on the left side is Phantom Ranch/North Kaibab Trail and the crack running vertically on the right side is Clear Creek. The 18 mile out and back Clear Creek trail is on the Tonto Plateau above the Colorado River. Its official checked off the list! It’s one of the toughest and most scenic trails I’ve ever hiked in the canyon. Image was taken coming down the South Kaibab trail.

Westward Ho Print. Headed Out.

Westward Ho Print

Yahoo. 48×34 Westward Ho print headed out to a client! Beautiful printing and mounting by Image Craft, LLC.