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Nominated for Best Photographer – Real Estate & Interiors. AZ Foothills Magazine.


Whoa! I’m speechless right now. I just got nominated by Arizona Foothills Magazine for Best Photographer – Real Estate & Interiors. Take a second and vote for me! You do have to enter an email address to vote but its easy and takes less then 2 minutes. Please Share!


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Mogollon Monster 100 Endurance Race. Part 1.

Super stoked! Headed up tonight to shoot the Mogollon Monster 100 Mile Endurance Race. As you can see (red line), it is logistically one of the more challenging races to photograph. Annnd we have rain in the forecast. I’m glad I have Klein Photographic as a second shooter this year.

Beautiful morning for a 100 mile run.

Foggy conditions up on the Mogollon Rim for the Runners of the Mogollon Monster 100. They run 100 miles as fast as they can…non stop

Women’s Leader coming down Turkey Springs at the Mogollon Monster 100 Endurance Race

As I was shooting runners at MogollonMonster100 Endurance Race, the fog broke over the Mogollon Rim for only a few minutes

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ASU Gammage Turns 50.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed ASU Gammage Theater turns 50 years this month so I thought I would head out there and take a few images. Here is the history behind the beautifully designed building (info taken from the Gammage website) Please share as you like.

In 1957, ASU past President Grady Gammage had a vision to create a distinct university auditorium on the campus of Arizona State University (ASU). He called on close friend and famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright to assist with the project. As luck would have, Wright had a design prepared for an opera house in Baghdad, Iraq that did not come to fruition that he decided to use for this theater.

During a tour of the campus, Wright took a liking to an athletic field and said, “I believe this is the site. The structure should be circular in design and yes, with outstretched arms, saying ‘Welcome to ASU!'” Wright worked on the sketches for the building during the last two years of his life. His most trusted aide, William Welsey Peters, brought his plans to finished form. Frank Lloyd Wright Sites Taliesin Fellows

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