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Lonely Planet Feature. #500fllwproject

Lonely Planet


The lastest from Lonely Planet! Thanks for the feature! It’s always interesting to see which images they feature out of the group I send them. We got Fallingwater, Taliesin West, Taliesin and Marin County Civic Center here!  You can follow the project on instagram as well. @apielage

Architectural Digest Blog Post. #500fllwproject



Well this just happened! Check it out here! 

Big Thanks to Architectural Digest and Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation for continually giving me an opportunity to expand my creativity in photography at some amazing sites! What a journey so far…and we are just getting started!

The Rookery. Chicago

The Rookery

A classic view. The Rookery, Chicago. Added a new “Wright Site” to my #500fllwproject. I have 50 photographed so far. More on the way…

Classic composition that was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Moved camera slight right to get a pinch of the stairs leading down for your eyes.

Little Colorado River

Little Colorado River

Little Colorado River

Just returned from a three day backpacking trip down to the “lesser known blue-green water” of the LCR (Little Colorado River) It’s relatively short mileage down, especially in Grand Canyon country but that trail is a steep chunky beast. I wouldn’t say it’s an established trail as the entire route navigation is by cairns only. It was a fun and interesting challenge navigating it solo. Water was incredible, except to drink.  I need a hot tub stat! The Little Colorado River at Big Canyon in Arizona. Much of my time is spent photographing architecture, it was really fun getting back to my landscape roots!!

Unity Temple and Wright Light

Unity Temple

More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building. – Frank Lloyd Wright

I am really excited to have found this quote yesterday…Soon after photographing Taliesin West for the first time in 2010, I decided that I would not bring in artificial lighting to photograph any Frank Lloyd Wright interior spaces. Wright designs are always so integrated into catching, trapping and releasing natural light that I thought I would only be cheating Wrights true ideas if I introduced light, in any form, into his space. The light play at Unity Temple only lasted a few minutes, I was scrambling to get into position.