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Summer. Cedar Breaks National Monument

CedarBreaks NM


Is it too early to reminisce about the summer? Cedar Breaks National Monument.






PBS Image Feature. Pedro Guerrero

frank lloyd wright


I’ve had a few PG moments during my time photographing Taliesin, and when I say “PG moments” I mean “Pedro Guerrero moments”. I have a deep respect for not only his Frank Lloyd Wright photography but also his eagerness at 22 years old to step out of his comfort zone and go for photography full time.
The first image I saw of Frank Lloyd Wright was taken right here in this studio, standing at his desk in front of a huge model of the San Francisco Call building. I found out later it was taken by Pedro. It’s really a big honor (and responsibility) to be here photographing the same spaces that Pedro and many other photography legends have. I still can’t believe it!

What a cool honor to be featured on the PBS American Masters homepage for the Pedro Guerrero documentary coming out soon. Check it out!

Welsh Hills Guide. Taliesin

LOW_Andrew Pielage-1-8


I had one badass guide (Mike) take me up into the Welsh Hills for some killer views of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin today. This Taliesin place has so many awesome people. Literally all of them.

Living Room. Taliesin.

Living room


The Living Room at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. It’s incredible how Mr. Wright can design one room that is both a comfortable place for a party and an intimate room for two. I have experienced both of these in the Living Room over the past week.

Jacobs House I. Frank Lloyd Wright

Jacobs House


Built in 1936, Jacobs House I was the first built of Frank Loyd Wright’s Usonian homes. This modest sized structure was designed as a model of low-cost yet thoroughly aesthetic housing. By 1959, the year of Wrights death, 140 Usonian homes had been built across the country. Jacobs House I remains a foremost turning point in residential American architecture.