Billy's Bud

Phoenix New Times shoots are fun mostly because the creativity direction/story I need to tell are usually outside the mainstream box. I get to step out of my stricter architectural and race photography zone and try new ideas and looks. There is always a level of experimenting going on. This image was shot in Hayes smoke shop under fluorescent light, I brought light but thought the harshness might give Hayes and the smoke a bit of sinister to it. You can see the original image and story here.

Arizona Press Club Award. Statewide illustration, photo-based

Second Place
Phoenix New Times: “Billy’s Bud”
Photographer: Andrew Pielage
Art Director: Peter M. Storch

“Once you read the headline and story and get what this story is
about, you can appreciate the illustration. It looks like a villain in
a sci-fi movie, but it’s right on point to the story of Billy Hayes.
The background color and haunting lighting only serve to bring
out the tone.”